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2022 DVSF COVID-19 Policy for a Live Fair

The staff at DVSF and the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center are working diligently to create a
safe environment for the 2022 fairs. Health and safety are our top priority at our fair. As of 3/16/2022 in accordance with CDC and Montgomery County masks will be optional when inside the Expo Center.
DVSF will supply N95 masks for anyone who does not have one.

Anyone who tests positive within five days of the fair cannot attend in person. Any student who
cannot attend in person may have a healthy individual set up his/ her project board and forms.
The student project will be judged without an interview.

Students who attend the fair will complete a questionnaire on fair day stipulating they feel well
and have not come into contact with anyone who tested positive for Covid-19 over the last five

ISEF COVID-19 Policy

If you qualify to move on to the International Science and Engineering Fair in 2022 The Society for Science has separate protocols for COVID-19 the does DVSF. These protocols will need to be met by all participants at the risk of disqualification. DVSF is not involved in the creation of the ISF protocols nor do we have any influence over the Society for Science in altering the protocols. If you plan on participating in the International Science and Engineering Fair in 2022 you must be prepared. 

ISEF will have a strict vaccination policy. If you have not begun your vaccinations and wish to be eligible for ISEF please plan your timing accordingly.

View the ISEF COVID-19 Policy HERE.

Additional ISEF information can be viewed HERE.

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