DVSF Donors & Partners

Charitable support from individuals, corporations, foundations, agencies, and professional societies enables Delaware Valley Science Fairs (DVSF) to organize and host the annual Regional Science & Engineering Research Fairs, support 13 local science and engineering fairs in Eastern PA, DE, and Southern NJ, and provide local teachers the support and tools they need to spark students' creativity and foster multi-dimensional learning in the classroom. 

We extend our sincerest thanks to all of you, who through your contributions, have invested in our region’s young students and helped to create the next generation of innovators, who will be key to tomorrow's discoveries and create a STEM literate workforce.



  • Broadcom Foundation

  • Countryside Consulting

  • Susan Frey and Dr. William Studt

  • Harrisburg University of Science and Technology

  • Craig Hiller

  • John and Marie Cwik Family Foundation

  • Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Liebling

  • Merck

  • Gerald D. Quill

  • Fred & Susan Thompson

  • Steven Abramson and Caren Barnet

  • Anonymous (1)

  • Michael Arning

  • Margaret Beekman & Fred Feldman

  • Richard Close

  • Mark DiRado

  • Henry and Mickey Disston

  • Michael and Paula Dvorak

  • ERRC of the USDA - In Memory of Maryann Taylor

  • Beverly and Stewart Feinberg

  • Susan Frey

  • Laura Beth Fulton

  • Robert Haines

  • Louis Hegyes

  • Linda Higginbotham

  • Ambra Hook

  • Jaime L. Howard

  • Robert Hranek

  • Lewis Kinter and Terry Timberlake-Kinter

  • Joseph Maglaty

  • Allen Marks

  • Paul Martino

  • Peter Miller

  • Ruth Minich-Hobson

  • The Estate of Claire Olsen

  • Steven Pomerantz

  • Vojislava Pophristic

  • Carol Revak

  • William Risko

  • John Sargent

  • Sheila Sargent and Family

  • Louise S. Smith

  • Bob Solomon

  • Cynthia Stahl

  • Raymond Sweet

  • Gary Szatkowski

  • Patti Taylor

  • Chris Unger

  • Alan Victor

  • Constance Victor

  • Francis Vithayathil

  • John & Deborah Wolf

  • Joann Yodis