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Mentorship Program

Parents, teachers, and sponsors are valuable assets to help you develop a safe procedure and complete your DVSF forms. If you need more technical expertise or access to certain equipment, request a mentor. Although we are not able to promise a laboratory or equipment for every request, we do have a community of mentors waiting to advise and support you according to your needs and their individual situations.

The Mentorship Program is not intended to provide you with a topic for research or to place you into an ongoing research team. Our mentors are here to help you with YOUR project.

Steps to Complete Before Applying for a Mentor:
  • Think of project ideas in an area of interest to you

  • Do background literature review to discover existing research on your topic

  • Propose a question, hypothesis, and procedure

  • Meet with your sponsor to develop your ideas further and complete DVSF forms

  • Determine specific mentorship needs-area of expertise, equipment required, etc.

  • Complete an online Mentorship Request

Criteria for Mentorship Request:
  • Currently in grades 6 through 12

  • Project has been approved by Sponsor and DVSF forms have been completed

  • Parents agree to oversee and approve mentorship arrangements

Expectations of Student Responsibility:
  • Be respectful of mentor's time and be prepared for each meeting or conversation

  • Keep parents informed on all interactions with mentors

  • Meet regularly with sponsor and report on progress

  • Follow through on work to which you have committed

  • Remember to thank your mentor


Request a Mentor

For More Information, Contact Us

Belle Romine
Director of Communications & Mentorship

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