Teacher and Student Workshops

Delaware Valley Science Fairs offers free science workshops to teachers and students at your school.
Funded in part by generous donations from GSK, Janssen Biotech, and the Dow Chemical Company.

Overview: Workshop Offerings
  • STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

  • Getting Started with Science Fair

  • How to Ask a Testable Question

  • Analyzing Data through Statistics and Graph Analysis

  • Presenting a Project - Putting Your Best Foot Forward!

  • Take it Up a Notch!! - Moving Projects to the Next Level

  • NEW - Writing the Conclusion

  • NEW - Writing an Abstract

  • NEW - Judging - What to Expect

Workshop Details

Workshop Offerings [PDF]

Here is a handy graphic to help navigate the required paperwork

To schedule a workshop or get additional information

Please contact:
Suzanne Mecouch, Director of Teacher and Student Development