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A little technical help for the virtual fair.

Creating a PDF

PDF creation is something that is built into most systems and should be accessable to all

  • Powerpoint - Print the slideshow

    • In the printer menu choose the PDF option

    • Print

    • You will be prompted to name the file and save location

    • Select and continue to save the file (works for Windows and Mac)

  • Google Slides

    • Print the Slideshow​

    • In the destination field select "Save as PDF"

    • Print

    • You will be prompted to select the save location and file name

    • Select and continue to save the file name

  • Other presentation software

    • It should be the same process as the above selections the save as PDF function is present as part of the operating system​

Creating a Video

Creating a Video is something that is available through the operating system or through an app

  • Chromebook

    • Select the App launcher/search button (the little circle usually in the bottom left corner of the screen)​

    • Type "Camera" into the search box.

    • Select the camera app at the top of the list.

    •  The camera will open in "Photo" Mode

    • Select "Video"

    • Push the red button to start recording

    • Record your presentation

    • Press the red button again to end the recording

    • The video will be stored in the "downloads" folder on the Chromebook, it should also be shown in the videos section of the file picker

  • Windows

    • Open the Camera App from the start menu​

    • The camera will open in photo mode, click the video icon

    • Click the video icon again to begin recording

    • Record your presentation

    • Click the red button to end the recording

    • Your video should be stored in the "Camera roll" folder under the "Pictures Folder" in the file picker.

  • Mac

  • Android (may vary depending on the phone manufacturer)

    • Open the camera app​

    • Select the video mode

    • Press the record button (usually red) to start recording.

    • Record your presentation

    • Press the record button (usually red) to stop recording

    • Your video should be in your camera roll

  • iOS

    • Open the camera app​

    • Select the video mode

    • Press the record button

    • Record your presentation

    • Press the button to stop recording

    • Your presentation should be in the camera roll

Uploading Your Video and Providing a Link

You will need to select a video hosting service that allows links to your video here is a list of some options. You will need to follow the instructions provided by the site. Most will require you to have or create an account. You may use a parent to guardian account. All may be used for free. They should have "Help" sections that cover the process of uploading and linking.

There are others available that you can use. As long as the video is visible to anyone with the link. Have a friend or family member try to view the link before submitting it on Stem Wizard.

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