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The 2024 DVSF will be In-Person!

This page will be updated regularly with important information regarding scheduling, procedures, requirements, and helpful tips. 

DVSF 2024 Schedule

Tuesday, April 2nd  9:00am - 8:00pm

  • Arrive within the scheduled times to set up your project (You may designate someone to set up your project for you.

  • Set up is in Exhibit Hall A

  • A N-95 mask is optional while in the building

  • When you arrive check in at the entrance to Hall A to receive your Project Materials including a badge, and required forms. Unless the forms are collected by our volunteers please take it with you you will need your badge to enter the exhibit hall and they can be difficult to reproduce on judging day.

  • Bring several copies of your abstract, the judges may want to keep a copy for reference during their deliberations. 

Wednesday, April 3rd 

  • JUDGING DAY! Judges will arrive in the morning and review your project materials and display.

  • Competitors shoe arrive no EARLIER than 11:30 am.

  • The Exhibit hall will then be opened to students to begin the interview process. Please be at your project by 12:00 noon.

  • Judging could go until 5:00pm

  • Only judges, competitors, and DVSF staff and volunteers will be permitted on the exhibit hall floor

  • Display your badge prominently so that we can verify that only authorized people are in the exhibit hall at this time.

  • You may bring food.

  • There will be a designated area for parents, teachers, and other family members runners will be available to deliver messages from parents to students

  • Bring your RED property removal pass you will be removing your project materials at the conclusion of judging

  • Participants will be notified at the end of judging in they have received an award. This information will be posted on our website in addition to the lobby.

Thursday, April 5th  5:30pm - Approximately 11:00pm

  • Awards Ceremony Day - All are welcome!

  • Awards Ceremony will be held in Exhibit Hall D enter through the same doors as you did for setup and judging.

  • If you cannot attend the ceremony and you know that you have won a prize please try to make arrangement for someone to pick up your prize. Shipping awards is expensive and will be delayed until late May because of our obligations to ISEF.

  • Special Awards will be presented beginning at 5:30

  • Our Category Awards will be presented following the special awards and a short break. We hope to start the category awards portion of the ceremony at approximately 7:00pm.

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